So why should you hire me to build your website and host it?

There is no staff here, no downtown office and nobody watching to see if I punched in on time.

If you contact me and I like what you have in mind we can arrange a meeting to discuss the details or "telecommute" using what ever your favorite chat software is, or using one of my own chat rooms, or over the phone. If I like the project and you like the price I'll take the work, if not I'll gracefully refer you to other qualified professionals. I like my work, and I work for people I like.

I have many years experience in computers, my first computer graphics experience was at the age of 6 when I would draw on the sides of punch cards and watch them go through the readers and reassemble on the other side. ( I won't go into how I came to be playing in state of the art Top Secret U.S. Military Computer Complexes in the early '60's ) My first published computer art was for the Alaska Rail Road in 1967 at the age of 12. I designed a digital "Moose Gooser"for the cover of one of their publications. I didn't have a computer yet, but I knew how to tell a 9 pin dot matrix printer to create the design I wanted.

My early web surfing was done on a 300 bits per second modem and "BBS" networks.My early "World Wide Web" was calling the 1-800 Social Security Modem link in Washington DC from our home in California, then linking out to Washington DC area BBS's. 1981 was the dawn of "Cyberspace" for me. So I guess I have over 20 years experience with Online Service.

And there was none of this Windows or OS7 to deal with, just green letters and numbers on a black screen. And it was uphill in both directions. Tubes? We would have killed for Tubes, we had 300bps!

Been there? Yea. Done that? Most likely. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Oh yea, if your an Alaskan be assured that all materials used in your website construction are 100% Alaskan, and I use only recycled electrons.

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